Middle East Has ‘More Room’ for Syrian Refugees, US Congressman Says

The one of the biggest donors to the Syrian refugee crisis.


Since the United States abdicated its position as the security guarantor of last resort, and chaos in the Middle East magnified.

So, why now? Why are the refugees leaving camps in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan?

For four years rebel groups have fought against the Syrian army. For example, the mother who handed her lovely baby boy to her, begging a stranger to take him someplace better.

More than 4 million Syrians – about 18 percent of the country’s 2013 population – have fled the country since conflict erupted in 2011.

Thousands of Syrians are displaced as a result of the country’s civil war. The exodus is forcing countries to show what they’re made of. Even Venezuela is making room for 20,000, and Australia 12,000. The US should do more to help. “They pretend to be refugees from my country, but they lie…I know they are Arab-speaking Muslims from Sudan in Africa“.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., calls the crisis Obama’s fault for not responding with more military force in Syria. But even before the world saw the heartbreaking photo of the body of a Syrian toddler washed up on a Turkish beach, the largest refugee crisis since World War II demanded more of the world community than the stop-gap refugee placement measures being discussed now in world capitals.

Many migrants entering Europe may have false papers. Customs officers also help prepare documents and biographies for security officials who determine whether refugees have connections to terrorists or militants.

This great movement of people can’t be sustained, yes, we all sympathise with these people, yet I feel that some European countries such as Germany and Austria are wrong. “Migrant” is a broader, more generic term that may refer to any person who transits from one area to another, generally (though not always) across borders. “So we do have to be tired of some of the threat that comes from mass migration”. “We are the good guys and gals”. Half of those fleeing are children, and civilized nations can not sit back and allow that. However, refugees lack the same rights as Lebanese citizens and face many legal restrictions that bar them from work.

The reasons behind this increase lie in the collapse of order in the Middle East due to the rise of the Islamic State and the persistence of other such conflicts. We have to worry they have embedded themselves in this group. The worldwide community “hasn’t woken up yet to the need to assist Jordan, the state institutions and the humanitarian agencies, so we can continue serving the refugees here”, he told the news organization.

Carol Morello covers the State Department for The Washington Post.

“I didn’t think we could just sit here idly and say, ‘Let those people die, ‘” he said in an Iowa Public Television documentary.

What is particularly distressing is the large number of migrants who failed in their quest for a better life, not to mention the degradation and indignity they have had to endure including the use of tear gas and water cannon as recently happened at the Hungarian border crossing. In 1980 the USA resettled a record 207,000 refugees. It took in over 120,000 Cuban refugees during the Mariel boatlift.


While all eyes have been on Europe, the US’s role in creating the crisis that has led to mass displacement from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan is not getting almost enough attention. As the bickering increases, Germany’s interior minister Thomas de Maizière has proposed cutting European Union subsidies to member states that refuse to take their share of refugees.

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