Migrant Flow Into Europe Will Keep Growing — UN Warning

The migrant crisis is becoming part of Poland’s fall election campaign.


For others, the journey to Greece, the main gateway into the European Union, took much longer. “We do not need to establish new borders”, Serbia’s Tanjug news agency cited Hahn as saying. Hungary is the most direct way to reach Western Europe.

Thousands of people are fleeing a protracted war in Syria and heading to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea.

“It’s an estimate based on the observations of officials on the ground, especially the federal police, the office for migration and refugees and [EU border protection agency] Frontex”, said a German interior ministry spokesman.

Regional authorities in the Croatian town of Dubrovnik said they were preparing for arrivals from Montenegro and were ready to handle about 3,000 to 5,000 refugees daily.

“This is the big question of the next few days and weeks, I am trying to seek supporters for this”, Orban said.

“My opinion is that this is a torture for the people,” he said.

Faymann and other Austrian officials have been very critical of Hungary’s border fences, damaging bilateral relations.

“If the fence is not desirable, we could also let the refugees pass in the direction of Austria and Germany,” he said this week ahead of a migrant crisis summit of European Union heads of state, Deutsche Welle reports.

Hungary says it has almost completed a fence on sections of its border with Croatia, but does not plan to extend it to Slovenia.

The border spat was prompted by the flow of thousands of migrants across their joint frontier.

Shortly after the comments, Croatia said it was planning to remove the restrictions “today or tomorrow”. But people keep coming, and nerves are frayed.

The government includes the populist, EU-skeptic Finns Party that has been calling for tougher immigration laws, though it has distanced itself from Europe’s far-right parties.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive, has proposed a 1.8 billion euro trust fund for Africa which would be financed by available money in the EU budget as well as voluntary contributions from national governments.

Vucic noted that although Serbia was the country through which the largest number of the refugees had passed, they were all treated well and Serbia had no troubles with them.

That influx has fuelled tensions between the two countries. “The quota proposal is a typical example of moral imperialism which Germany forces upon Europe,” he said. It was unclear if any arrests were made. Some people had no shoes at all. No incidents were reported. Germany expects to have at least 800,000 asylum seekers this year. Others are from Afghanistan, Pakistan and African countries including Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia.

Hungary has also begun closing off the 41-kilometre (25.5-mile) stretch of its border with Croatia not covered by the uncrossable Drava river.

“The border was unblocked at 17:00”.

Hungary’s traditionally good relations with Austria must be maintained, Mr Orban said, urging Vienna to show “clear support” for protection of the EU’s external borders.

Lazar said this, however, must not pose a “security risk” to Hungary. He said the possibility of legal entry would be left open. On Thursday, Budapest announced it had also started to roll out a mobile barrier along its border with Slovenia – the first such measure within the EU’s treasured passport-free Schengen zone. Some 66,000 had entered Croatia since Hungary shut its border with Serbia.

“We lost humanity on that day when… nowhere a child is welcomed”, she told reporters at the United Nations, explaining how pictures of a drowned Syrian toddler had haunted her.


Serbian citizens on Friday could reportedly enter Croatia, but only on foot or in a vehicles not carrying Serbian license plates.

AFP  Elvis Barukcic Migrants and refugees are given food by local activists after boarding a train headed for the northern Croatian town of Botovo after crossing the Serbian Croatian border near Spacva