Missing Girl Found 31 Years After Man Confesses To Her Murder

Detectives elicited assist from a very popular German crime show referred to as “Aktenzeichen XY”, & after a suspect within the rape & homicide of a 14-year-old girl confessed to killing Pazsitka, in accordance to the NBC News source.


The alleged murder victim, identified as Petra Pazsitka, from the northern German city of Braunschweig, was 24 when she disappeared without a trace in 1984 while living in student accommodation.

Petra was reported missing when she failed to turn up to her brother’s birthday party, and despite widespread manhunts was never found and was declared dead in 1989.

However, he later withdrew his statement claiming responsibility for Miss Pazsitka’s murder.

Pazsitka’s plot emerged when she was found living under a false name in Dusseldorf two weeks ago by police investigating a burglary.

Pazsitka, now 55, told police she had been living without any official documents under a false name in several German cities for the past three decades, Grande said.

When police arrived and requested ID from the 55-year-old woman to complete the report, she revealed herself to be Pazsitka, and produced an expired identification card to prove she was the missing student, IBTimes reported.

‘Her brother and mother were in shock and tears when they heard the news, ‘ Grande said.

Ms Pazsitka, who was studying computer science and had finished writing her university thesis on computer languages, was last seen going to the dentist on July 26, 1984.

Her disappearance led to an extensive investigation, with nationwide appeals, searches and video reconstructions of her last known actions.

She has remained silent on the reason for her disappearance, but said she wants no contact with the public or her family living in the region of Gifhorn.


Prosecutors do not believe Petra has committed a criminal offence, but she must now be officially declared alive and properly registered with German authorities. The Pazsitka’s family has asked police to deliver a letter to her in hopes of one day reuniting, he added.

Petra Pazsitka