Modi ‘best leader with best policies’: Murdoch

Press Information Bureau, said the piece of cloth was a work of handicraft prepared by the physically-challenged daughter of the chef, and the Prime Minister had autographed it on compassionate basis after Khanna and his family made a request.


Presenting his government’s domestic development agenda as completely in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Prime Minister Narendra Modi told a special summit of the United Nations on Friday that he came from a tradition that considered the entire world as one and the earth as our mother.

Speaking after the meeting, Vikas Swarup, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson said, “They control billions of dollars of investment and the opportunity to interact directly with the Prime Minister has given them further confidence in India”.

Some investors, the Journal said, want “the government should create a more conducive environment for entrepreneurs to set up business or create products in India“.

Modi earlier chaired a financial industry roundtable with top U.S. CEOs from JP Morgan, Blackstone, Warburg Pincus, AIG Insurance and Tiger Global, among others.

“I’ve been in the Valley for two decades, and I’ve never seen Indian policy or leadership have a deep engagement with the Valley” until now, said Punit Soni, chief product officer for Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce company and a former Google executive.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called on Modi during which they discussed on issues of sustainable development and smart cities.

The CEOs expressed appreciation for the steps taken by the Prime Minister to improve ease of doing business, and his various initiatives including his push for infrastructure development and Digital India.

Praveen Shastri, a priest of the Sanatan Mandir, New Jersey, and also a member of the OFBJP, said that he had been invited by Prime Minister Modi for his swearing-in ceremony in New Delhi. The G-4 countries have given the Prime Minister Modi the rare honour of leading a historic campaign to reform the UN Security Council. Poverty eradication, empowerment of women and tackling climate change should be the top goals of all nations, he said.

All of the Prime Minister’s programmes ultimately have a digital focus, he noted.

United States companies, especially those located in the Silicon Valley, have a great deal to bring to these efforts, beginning with their technology, capital, intellectual property, and desire to be long-term players in India’s future, he asserted.


Modi is going to visit the Silicon Valley on September 26 and later he is going to visit the campus of iconic Tesla and there the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk is going to welcome him.

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