Mojang plans to shut down Scrolls: ‘We appreciate every player who’s

Minecraft‘s new web destination,, states that subjects such as Math, Science, and English can be learned while playing the game.


Scrolls, Mojang’s collectible card/strategy game, is no more. Here’s the official word from Telltale ahead of the London showcase. Steve is the classic player character and default skin on “Minecraft“. However, it’s not clear yet if the same experience will be offered to the users.

Shortly after its launch, some forward-thinking teachers started bringing the game into their classrooms and using it to design history lessons, explore mathematics, physics, computer science, writing and more.

MineCon is happening this weekend and fans of the popular game are looking forward to catching a sneak peek of “Minecraft: Story Mode“. Minecraft will likely have recognizable faces in the Telltale game but the story will be something fans of the game haven’t been privy to before. Minecraft originally came onto the scene back in 2009 hand hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down as far as sales are concerned.

As for the release date, the initial episode is expected to become available sometime in 2015. It’s now in alpha stage for PC and Mac, and Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the game are also in the works, although there is now no release window.

Microsoft has created a new Minecraft site for educators to help students learn new skills. Late past year the studio was bought by Microsoft for a fee of .5 billion, with Minecraft’s success the obvious reason for such a big expense.


Scrolls’ servers are guaranteed to remain up until at least July 1st, giving players time to play their last games and make their farewells. Engadget reported that the title has also shown to be a very useful tools for students and teachers.

'Minecraft: Story Mode' To Reveal Exciting Details on MineCon London 2015