Moral blast over migrants crisis

Hungary will not allow illegal immigrants to cross its territory”.


Hungary has seen more than 250,000 refugees pass through the country this year, and thousands of refugees have been arriving to the country through Croatia on a daily basis, bypassing the fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border. The result…is catastrophic. Because Europe can not defend its external borders, internal borders are shut again.

“This may be the last opportunity for a coherent European response to manage a crisis that is increasing suffering and exploitation of refugees and migrants and tension between countries”, the agency stated.

Migrants are defined as people on the move who have yet to complete the legal process of claiming asylum.

Hungary’s parliament has passed a law allowing the government to deploy its army to handle refugees at its borders and the use of non-lethal force such as rubber bullets and tear gas grenades. Through September 16, almost 65,000 asylum applications in Hungary this year were suspended because the applicant could not be found. Many are likely to have already made their way west to Austria and on to Germany and other places in northern Europe. More than 220,000 refugees from Middle Eastern conflict countries have been intercepted so far by the Hungarian authorities for illegally crossing the border. “Until the European Union states act as one, member states will be forced to go out of their way to fend off this brutal threat”.

Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic told RTL television late on Monday: “I think it is perfectly clear that what we are seeing is organised transport of migrants directly to Croatia (from Serbia)”.

In a rather folksy tone, he introduced himself by his first name and told the group they had nothing to fear. “You truly can not answer a slap with a rocket,” he said. Everything will be OK. Damaging the newly built razor-wire fence is also considered a criminal offence.

But some were anxious, even though they’ve been promised they will eventually be sent to Hungary or Slovenia.

Orban has been widely criticized in Europe for his harsh policies against asylum seekers who try to cross Hungary, and his opposition to resettlement of refugees across the European Union member states.

The European Commission drafted a proposal which would distribute some 120,000 migrants throughout EU member countries according to their capacity and based on the countries’ population density, GDP and employment figures.

The CSU, Bavaria’s sister party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), advocates the control of the massive refugee influx to Germany, especially Bavaria, as many cities and municipalities that take care of refugees have been overwhelmed by the numbers arriving.


“We need to strike the right balance between helping those in need and guaranteeing the security of our citizens”.

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