Morales calls Pope’s teachings ‘socialist’

“When Jesus becomes part of our lives, we can no longer remain imprisoned by our past”, Pope Francis said. She thinks it’s meant to prevent Catholics from leaving the faith in favor of Protestant evangelical sects.


Advocates for children say that with time, these kids come to adopt jailhouse lingo and refer to themselves as if they were criminal suspects. His Holiness envisions, “an economy where human beings, in harmony with nature, structure the entire system of production and distribution in such a way that the abilities and needs of each individual find suitable expression in social life”.

But while some reports said the Pope was taken aback by the present, the Vatican has played down any row. “They beautified the city”. A 50-woman choir sang for the pontiff during his visit to the prison. Other prison sections are less hospitable, particularly Modules 3 and 4, which hold the most unsafe inmates.

The pope’s gathering inside the Paraguayan money, Asuncion, integrated females moving in large credible clothes as Paraguayan Guarania tunes performed the population clothed as saints by using halo were usually finalized sites.

When he stood up, several young girls ran up and hugged him.

He next visits Paraguay, the third and final country on his tour of Latin America.

During his visit to Ecuador, and now Bolivia, Francis has made broad calls for Latin American unity-on Thursday mentioning “Patria Grande”, the historic ambition to make the continent a unified world force-even as he has sidestepped some local controversies.

The pouch Francis is wearing around his neck was given to him by Morales.

After the welcoming ceremony, President Cartes and Pope Francis moved on to the presidential chamber at the airport and had a brief private meeting. He’s called Marxism wrong.

The Paraguay government declared Friday and Saturday national holidays in honor of the pope’s visit. It builds on comments from previous popes, including John Paul II.

“At times it appears as the anonymous influence of mammon: corporations, loan agencies, certain “free trade” treaties, and the imposition of measures of “austerity” which always tighten the belt of workers and the poor”, Pope Francis said. “A man who was, and is, saved from his many sins”. There, saying he overly had erred and sinned, the pope named on prisoners to stay away from mob fieriness and urged lifeguards to control these with virtuousness.. He urged the inmates to resist gang violence, and asked the guards to treat those in their charge with dignity.

Prison officials spend the equivalent of 87 cents per prisoner per day on food, forcing families to feed and maintain their loved ones on the inside. Another described his surprise on arriving at finding “so many people sleeping on the floor like animals”. Module 5 houses the infirm, most with tuberculosis. Almost 90 percent of Bolivia’s around 12,000 prisoners are awaiting trial, trapped by the Andean country’s creaking justice system.

A gang war there in 2013 left more than 30 people dead.

One asked for “dignified nutrition” for starters.

Crowds of people packed a central square of the prison complex, waving yellow and white balloons, the colors of the Holy See.

During his latest stop in Bolivia, not only did he dip into a Burger King to change his garments, but he was happy to pose in traditional Bolivian hats with the country’s president, Evo Morales.


According to CNN, the Pope’s words to Morales while receiving the gift aren’t entirely clear, but went something like “that’s not right” or “I didn’t know that”.

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