More sanctions possible on N. Korea: S. Korean envoy

When asked why the government had not made public the sending of the letter until now, the official said, If we had said that North Korea had refused to accept the letter, the media would have criticized North Korea and inter-Korean relations would have been damaged.


Yevseyev said the North is now focusing on developing nuclear warheads and means to transport them. The South Korean government’s effort to send a letter of invitation to North Korea appears to have been in keeping with the will of President Park, who had emphasized the restoration of the Gyeongwon Line as a key project for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Korea from Japanese colonial occupation.

The meeting was held following a United Nations resolution demanding North Korea improve its human rights record, which was submitted to the council in March by Japan and the European Union.

“At the present rate of 100 being given that privilege, many, many will die before the numbers are accommodated”, Kirby told reporters in Geneva.

North Korea’s statement comes at a time when the country has resisted outside opposition regarding its recent announcements to launch a long-range rocket and its intention to resume nuclear operations, and may have a military adversary in Tokyo, where new security bills could permit Japan’s military to fight overseas. The year before North Korea cancelled planned reunions at the last minute after it claimed the South was trying to overthrow the Pyongyang government.

Those findings were debated Monday at special session of the UN’s rights council, which North Korea’s ambassador at-large, Ri Hung Sik, dismissed as “nearly three hours talking about a non-existent issue”. Each country has selected one hundred people from families that have been separated since the Korean War divided the peninsula in the 1950s.

A seminar on North Korean human rights is held at a university in Bandung, Indonesia on Friday. “It has nothing to do with Kirby”.

“We don’t know what her reasons are, but after her defection we did confirm her will” to resettle in the South, the official said.


The reunions are scheduled for October 20-26 and will be held at the Diamond Mountain resort in North Korea. Pyongyang recently announced its intention to conduct a satellite launch and even hinted it might also conduct a fourth nuclear test.

Korean party officials who used to and are presumed to be dealing with the North's missile and nuclear development. Kim Chun-sop and Hong Yong-chil are presumed to have assumed key posts handling