More than 2m EU migrants working in UK, figures show

There are a few thousand of them in total, and only a fraction of those have made it to the UK.


For example, he noted, a legitimate refugee who falsified papers to enter a country was protected from prosecution under the convention.

“I had a two-metre wall put up to stop them”.

Spoiler: It isn’t going to work.

The so-called jungle camp of tents where the migrants have set up housing seems an organized, sometimes jovial, holding place.

“They would soon change their opinion about the migrants”. Auto and van drivers have been recruited by smugglers to transport migrants to Britain through the Channel Tunnel or on cross-Channel ferries. It’s one which will not be solved by higher fencing or more police, but by co-operation between the UK and French governments to deal effectively with asylum claims; by establishing safe and sanitary accommodation for refugees; and by working internationally to combat the factors which are forcing millions to flee their homes.

Hearing some of the personal stories from the migrants in France as to why they want to come to the UK is genuinely moving, but it’s clear some are just targeting us because we are seen as a “soft touch”.

According to the British government, in the twelve month period ending April 2015, there were 39,000 attempts to illegally cross the Channel, more than doubling the previous period’s figure. Nor do its residents even make up a significant fraction of the total number of unauthorized migrants who have come to Europe this summer.

“If the British do not want to get around the table to discuss security, humanitarian issues and economic solidarity then we will have to open the borders”.

Natacha Bouchart accused the prime minister of “imposing his own laws” on the people of Calais and demanded that he meet her and the French president, François Hollande, for urgent talks in the region.

Imagine the situation if control of our borders was moved to Kent? Migrants have also begun gathering at Dunkirk, France, near Calais, hoping to cross into England. But Colin Yeo, a leading immigration lawyer at Garden Court Chambers in London and the founder of Free Movement, a blog that focuses on immigration issues, argued the criminalisation of Haroun’s journey across the Channel appeared to be an unjust overreaction.

Songs of Praise is simply reflecting the conversations going on in many churches and Christian households around the country”.


But that would only be a temporary fix for a refugee crisis driven by war and state disintegration – and Britain, France and their allies have played a central role in most of the wars that are fuelling it. The refugees arriving in Europe come from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Pakistan, Somalia and Eritrea. And 63 percent of respondents said that the government had little or no control over immigration. A mood of anxiety and hostility risks creeping over the public, with growing demands for the UK to close its borders and weed out “illegal” immigrants from British life. Integration into the EU has opened its borders to European citizens, London’s financial industry is a magnet for global talent as well as worldwide money, and its world-class universities attract students from around the globe.

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