Most Amazing IPhone Cases

Smartphones with large screens like the iPhones need the best possible protection, and it can be easily achieved with one of the iPhone cases. However, with almost each and every one of us now having the iPhone, it’s natural you’ll want it to look unusual and exceptional. Luckily, there are many particularly creative iPhone cases featuring clever pieces of design and beautiful illustrations. So, indulge yourself in the some of most amazing iPhone cases :).
The Little Black Book


The Little Black Book case is a true masterpiece. It has a very stylish, exceptional look and lets you enjoy all the functionality of your iPhone, including hearing your personal assistant’s (Siri’s) cybernetic voice. This amazing hard case is shaped from baltic birch. It also has a nifty internal pocket for your ID/credit cards. Although it looks solid and heavy, it’s very light and discreet – it is so slim you might forget it’s there.


Steampunk iPhone Case

Steampunk-themed iPhone cases are very functional and intriguing. They come both in the form of the standard iOS cases, and in the form of tiny chests. The former versions include sophisticated metal gears and other mechanical elements, while the latter can also serve as a storage for your papers, money and other valuable things.


Carved Wood Case

In case you prefer natural materials to metal, plastic and silicon, carved wood cases won’t leave you indifferent. There is a plethora of woodcraft-inspired smartphone cases. Some of the most popular are those with various ethnic patterns, old-school-themed and steampunk-themed carvings. Below is a picture of an iPhone case imitating an old-school camera. Wooden iPhones cases can be quite pricey, so you may also consider purchasing a plastic case mocking carved wood.


Lego Case

What not to love about Lego? As for me, I’m an avid fan of the Lego-inspired designs. I think Lego cases have simultaneously a very playful and creative look. Perfect both for teens and adults.


Skate Deck Case

This stunning, inventive case can be a great gift idea. This silicone case comes with wheels! This cool skate deck is definitely one of my favorite cases from this list.


Besides these, there are many other creative cases:

  • Clumsy, bulky Drop Tech Series cases providing maximum protection from drops (these usually come in bright, candy colors).
  • Glow Gel Combo cases. These are vivid, glow-in-the-dark stickers that you can adhere to your iPhone to create a bold look and also protect your phone. These stickers don’t leave a sticky residue.
  • Minimalist View cases. These are made exclusively for protection purposes. The optimal solution for those who don’t want to mask their iPhone’s original look. View Cases are mostly transparent, except for the colored rim.
  • iPhone Wallets. With these wallets you keep your IDs, cards, cash and your phone all in one place. As a rule, such wallets are made of durable leather and have a clear side so you can text and browse easily.


My name is Alex. I like discovering creative things, especially in the world of technology.