Moto G unboxing: The affordable king is better still

The price points do fall into the expected “around $200” off contract mark and all are offering the new LTE-enabled Moto G for $0 on a 2-year term.


Motorola has confirmed that its latest Moto G 2015 will soon be available in the United States via Virgin Mobile and U.S. Cellular.

THE MOTO G 2015 is the third in Motorola’s G series of affordable smartphones that look to woo buyers away from more expensive big-name competitors.

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Both phones share the common curved rear panel with a metallic frame, but the back cover is removable only on the Moto X Play, while the Style model comes with a sealed unibody chassis. It’s also quite a bit more powerful, has more storage and a longer battery life than the Moto G 2 gen.

For its third iteration, the prices of the Moto G 3 Gen remains the same-it starts with $179 for the 8GB version packed with 1GB RAM.

Check out the unboxing above to see the Moto G in action. However, no matter how the Moto G looks though, unlike its counterpart, it is not dust proof, according to ChristianPost, Aside from the quad-core CPU, it also comes with a microSD card slot which will allow its user to extend the phone’s memory.

Even though everyone is snapping selfies these days, LED flash on the secondary camera is still pretty rare, but the next-gen Moto X seems to be taking advantage of one. Under the hood, the Moto G 3rd Generation sports a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 (MSM8916) processor with 1.4GHz Quad Core CPU and a 400MHz Adreno 306 GPU. You can immerse in water that’s between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth for up to 30 minutes.

Operating system and software: The iPhone 6 runs on Apple’s iOS 8.4 operating system, while the Moto X Style runs on Google’s Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Apart from its technical specs, which we will talk about below, perhaps the 2015 edition’s best feature is the Moto Maker.

The Moto G (3rd Gen.) also boasts a number of enhancements that were previously only available on higher-end devices like the Moto X. Features like, “Moto Display” helps to quickly check notifications without wasting power using.


Aside from launching this much awaited smartphone via press events, the company has also released an informative 1-minute footage to entice users.

Moto G 2015 features