Mozilla CEO cries foul over Windows 10 upgrade process

“We’re taking visual cues from style changes appearing in Windows 10 and we’re also reducing the overall browser UI footprint to increase space for viewing the Web”, he said. Additionally, you can do this from Edge’s settings, but that is more confusing as it is done from a tab named as “Edge“. This will take you to the “Choose default apps” section of the Settings app, from which you need to choose your preferred method of surfing the internet from a list with all the installed browsers on the system. Now, Microsoft Edge threatens to destabilize its position and enhance its downward trend, with initial reviews of the internet browser pointing it out as an overall way better experience than its former default Internet Explorer.


In previous versions of Windows, browsers would prompt you to make them the default app for Web browsing. It’s the sort of thing that has got Microsoft in trouble before, forcing the company to ship a special version of Windows 7 for Europe and introduce a browser ballot screen which allows users to pick a third-party browser to replace the defaults.

The Windows 10 upgrade doesn’t uninstall rival browsers from users’ machines, but if users choose to restore Chrome or Firefox as their default browsers, they must launch their browser of choice and go through a couple of steps to instruct Windows 10 of their preference. Millennials aren’t going to like that. Microsoft did not immediately respond to a separate request for comment from FierceCIO in time for publication.

Beard said that his company contacted Microsoft to discuss its concerns when it first saw Windows 10, but that its efforts “didn’t result in any meaningful progress, hence this letter”.

Yet overriding Windows customers’ existing settings and making Edge the default browser harkens back to the 1990s, when the United States brought an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft for restricting customers’ browser choices.

“We’re humbled and grateful to see the response to Windows 10“, corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi said in a blog post late Thursday (July 30).

Highlighted above is Microsoft’s Executive VP of the Windows and Devices Group, Terry Myerson, who was out in full force at one of their Windows Stores on Wednesday promoting Windows 10.

Beard went on to highlight some high-minded principles about user choice, but at the end of the day he has a horse in the race. Pankavinin is the consumer channel group director of Microsoft and he is looking forward to Windows 10’s ascension.


“We are doing everything we can to upgrade the world to Windows 10 as quickly as possible over the coming days and weeks ahead”, he added.

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