Muslim boy who built ‘bomb clock’ gets invite from Obama

The teen was led out of his Texas school after a teacher mistook his homemade digital clock for a bomb, prompting accusations of Islamophobia and an online backlash.


Ahmed Mohamed, 14, was accused of making a hoax bomb, police in Irving said. “It’s what makes America great”, Mr. Obama tweeted in support of Ahmed.

The boy was invited to participate in an astronomy night the White House is organizing sometime next month with premier scientists.

The homemade clock was made by Ahmed and brought in as a gift to impress his teacher.

Boyd said that after further investigation, all four officers on the scene concluded that the device did not have the workings of an explosive and, in turn, no charges will be brought against Ahmed for bringing it to school. The boy’s distressed family and many others in the social media have continuously taken to condemn the small mindedness of the High School in Dallas and of the Law Enforcement Department.

The news shocked America and even reached the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

“It made me really happy to see everyone support me on social media”, he said.

Google tweeted Ahmed to bring his clock to its upcoming science fair this weekend.

More than 1 million people have taken to Twitter to support Ahmed Mohamed.

“In this instance, it’s clear that at least some of Ahmed’s teachers failed him”.

The teenager did that because, well, it was a clock, he said, according to CNN.

The previous item has been corrected to reflect that Ahmed said he plans to transfer to “any other school”.

“I just want to say, you are my ideal student”, Prescod-Weinstein told the teen. Police spokesman James McLellan said Mohamed’s religion had nothing to do with their response.

“We were doing everything with an abundance of caution to protect all of our students in Irving“, she said.

Instead, Jindal felt the need to add the following statement: “I’m glad police are careful”, he said.

Ahmed took his very own invention to school on Monday to show his engineering teacher.


The kid was arrested and put in handcuffs and wasn’t allowed to call or meet his parents as the police questioned him without his lawyers.

Mark Zuckerberg Invites Teen Clockmaker Ahmed Mohamed to Facebook