N. Korea blames US for stalled nuclear dialogue

The North’s unpredictable leader, Kim Jong Un, has closely associated himself with the impoverished nation’s space program, which it says is peaceful. “Despite the fact that the facility is ready after completing a construction program begun in 2013, we still see no sign of preparations at the Sohae facility for an October event”, said Joel Wit, a former state department official and editor of 38 North.


The anniversary brought a festive atmosphere to the capital, with citizens using the holiday not only to show their patriotic pride by laying flowers before statues of North Korea’s first president Kim Illinois Sung and his son, Kim Jong Illinois, but also to enjoy the warm summer weather at parks and ice cream stands.

Pyongyang’s state media outlet KCNA announced on Thursday that the “revered Comrade Kim Jong Un” provided guidance at the Korean People’s Army and rebel air force aviation tournament.

However North Korea is banned from launching rockets under United Nations Security Council resolutions, because the technology could also be used in ballistic missiles.

Any launch of a long-range rocket would almost certainly be viewed by the worldwide community as a disguised ballistic missile test and result in the imposition of fresh sanctions significantly ramping up military tensions on the Korean peninsula.

But in a series of press conferences in Beijing, New York and Geneva, North Korean envoys have stressed that Pyongyang has no intention of negotiating away its nuclear arsenal.

South-Korean born Lim has visited North Korea more than 100 times since 1997 and has helped establish an orphanage and a nursing home there, according to the church.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry warned Wednesday of possible provocations by North Korea in October to mark the ruling party’s 70th anniversary.

Asked about the speculation, Jang Il-hun, the deputy chief of North Korea’s permanent mission to the UN, told reporters he did not “rule out any possibility”.


Now that a nuclear deal has been reached with Iran, attentions turn to Russian Federation and North Korea as the world’s most unsafe nuclear threats. North Korea said today that stalled dialogue over its nuclear programme was down to aggressive US military exercises and accused Washington of seeking to shift blame onto Pyongyang. “Large-scale rice and fertilizer assistance has given North Korea an incentive to engage in high-level talks and reunions for divided families”. Although Russian Federation possesses a far larger nuclear arsenal, it can be argued that North Korea is more unsafe.

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