North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hails ‘landmark’ accord with South Korea

North Korea fired shells over the DMZ on Thursday, apparently aimed at the loudspeakers blaring the messages, setting off a brief exchange of fire. “If there’s no tension with South Korea, if there’s no ‘hostile policies of the Americans, ‘ then there’s no reason for that regime to exist”.


“The North Korean leader wants to clearly show that he does not just fall behind the Park administration in the South when it comes to solving inter-Korean issues”.

Jang Jin-sung, a former North Korean propaganda official, said the broadcasts are a powerful tool because they threaten to undermine the state’s governance system of leader worship. The North, in turn, restarted its propaganda broadcasts.

Swiss trader Glencore has provisionally booked three supertankers to load 6 million barrels of North Sea Forties crude for South Korea in September.

North Korea could have thought about some sort of heightened tension but not like this”, said Chang Yong Seok, a senior researcher at Seoul National University’s Institute for Peace and Unification Studies.

North Korea held the U-15 soccer games between August. 21 and 24 and that even as tensions escalated between Seoul and Pyongyang, South Korea was allowed to play in the tournament alongside China, Uzbekistan, Croatia and Brazil.

North Korea’s “military muscle” and “nuclear deterrent” ended a tense standoff with the nation’s southern neighbor, leader Kim Jong Un said Friday. Following discussions with the North Korea Red Cross Society, the worldwide Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has sent waterproof fabric, tents for families, cooking equipment, hygiene products, and water purifying solution to damaged regions from Hamgyong Province and Pyongyang.

South Korean officers hope the settlement will assist enhance ties, however the two Koreas have a historical past of failing to comply with via on previous reconciliation accords, and their ties have been unsafe since conservatives took energy in Seoul in early 2008.

The keep going direct assault on the South was in November 2010 when North Korea shelled the South Korean outskirt island of Yeonpyeong, slaughtering two regular folks and two troopers. “It’s akin to a peaceful version of the nuclear bomb”, said Mr. Jang, who defected from North Korea in 2004.



The allies mobilized the biggest-ever number of troops, artillery pieces and military vehicles for this year’s Integrated Firepower Exercise 2015, marking the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japan’s colonial rule in 1945. “What we need now is more effort not only toward intergovernmental dialogue but also to win the hearts and minds of the North Korean people”, Ahn advised.

Wood shows same markings in both pre and post-fire reports