NaMo praises Sushma for ‘perfect articulation’ of global issues at UN

In a world that continues to be dominated by wealthy and influential nations, the notion of sovereign equality of the UN has permitted the developing world to question a few unfair norms. First Secretary in the Permanent Mission of India to the UN Abhishek Singh had said that Pakistan is actually a victim of its own policies of breeding and sponsoring terrorists.


External AffairsMinister 25-minute address in Hindi at the template was set by the UNGA for India-Pakistan bilateral relationships from the view in New Delhi.

“When we ask ourselves whether we have been able to prevent conflicts taking place in several parts of the world, the answer is no”, she added.

He said the proxy war against Pakistan from across the border should come to an end.

He said the two countries need to adopt a balanced approach on all issues as hostility spread over almost 70 years has not produced any positive results.

“On these parameters, the United Nations appears as an ineffective institution in the area of global peace and security”. Foreign Minister hosted a meeting with her counterparts from Caribbean Community (Caricom) regarding various issues of similar concerns and common aspirations for accelerated economic development and eradication of poverty.

Swaraj said India’s new contributions will cover all aspects of peacekeeping? personnel, enablers and training.

Traditional solutions that emphasise force, Swaraj said, have only proven to exacerbate problems.

“Under their leadership, she said, “we have achieved what we could not do so over two decades of discussions a” a text to negotiate, unanimously adopted by consensus in the General Assembly”. According to Sartaj Aziz, the PM’s Adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs, the three dossiers cover India’s alleged involvement in bolstering anti-state activities in Balochistan, FATA and Karachi respectively.

Unlike Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who made an open plea for Japan being made a permanent member, Swaraj did not mention India and presented the reform in more universal terms appealing to African and Latin American countries.


Addressing the Royal United Services Institute, an independent think-tank on defence and security, in London, Raheel said the dispute between Pakistan and India “resides in the Kashmir issue“. He also blamed that India’s reaction to Sharif’s speech suggests that acts of terrorism in Pakistan were acceptable.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif