NASA Employees Loved Ridley Scott’s The Martian

At one point, Damon proclaims himself the greatest botanist on the planet, which is true since he is the only one.


“The Martian” fits into the mini-trend of putting the science back in science fiction – letting brainpower take center stage, not just firing lasers at monsters.

Matt Damon stars as a stranded astronaut in stellar space flick The Martian. It’s nice to see parts of his personality come through. Also Paul was really specific about wanting the character: “If the movie opens and the first frame of me looks like a guy has been living too well” – he grins – “the movie’s over”. “I would never have thought to do (what Watney does), but you feel like an astronaut would think of that”.

Jessica Chastain, 38, looked drop-dead gorgeous at the European premiere of her new film, The Martian, at Leicester Square in London on September 24. As Mark Watney knows, you may really need it.

During the many interviews, director Ridley Scott also talked about the next ALIEN/PROMETHEUS film and said nonchalantly the title will be ALIEN: PARADISE LOST.

Although the movie is essentially set in three different locations – on Mars, on Earth and on the space craft headed back to Earth – a strong ensemble cast and solid direction ensures “The Martian” tells one complete story: the effort to bring Watney home.

He said audiences would find the film “surprisingly amusing”.

“It shows that there’s a lot of confidence in Ridley to handle a big-budget movie that’s not a superhero movie. I just … wanted that”. “He’s got so much experience and he shoots so fast because he’s cutting the film in the camera, essentially”.

“The fundamental starting premise is completely incorrect”, said Mars expert Scott Hubbard, a consulting professor in the department of aeronautics and astronautics at Stanford University. Later in the day, Dr. Ochoa and her team fielded questions from the press about when and if we will ever get to Mars. Both actors got a chance behind the wheel before they hopped aboard the Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV), which moved much slower and was fitted with a bubble window.

NASA consulted on the film, and the realism and Watney’s attitude are what NASA employees loved when they watched it in a recent sneak preview. I walked into the tent one day, and he’s got four monitors.

The actor, who turns 45 next week, certainly has the credentials for it: Here is someone who left Harvard without graduating, and who announced his arrival on the biggest stage possible when he starred in and co-wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay for Good Will Hunting (1997) with childhood friend Ben Affleck. Hopefully, we’re able to hang on to all the things that are so enjoyable about the book.


Damon hoped to fit the lead role like a flight suit, appearing high-tech capable without slipping into gung-ho conceit. “I felt you actually touched Mars, especially with the 3D glasses with which you view the film”, S. Arunan, a senior ISRO scientist, said in a statement. When faced with a larger dust storm in the book, Watney’s first hint is the decreased efficiency of his solar panels, caused by a slight darkening of the atmosphere. “We congratulate everyone at ISRO on this special occasion”, he says.

039;The Martian&#039 Movie Makes Science The Hero Of The Movie And Shows Nerds Rock