NASA provided these incredible images of the Earth’s surface taken from

The mission was originally scheduled for September, but the previous cargo run by SpaceX ended in disaster when its Falcon 9 rocket exploded. In space, since gravity isn’t pulling an object “down”, scientists had to devise a way to keep soil and water in the same area while teaching the plant which way “up” is. [Bigelow’s Inflatable Space Station Idea in Photos]. “This will be a very big step”. How do they get their daily requirements of vegetables? The said space shuttle is the most integrated emphasis of a grounded shuttle that has been put on display. Kelly also talks of the process of space-grown vegetables.


For the first time in space program history, China will be able to deliver a commercial payload to the worldwide Space Station. NASA safety representatives collaborating with a team of flight doctors then began working on receiving approval for the produce.

He said the data will flow to the NanoRacks control center, rather than to China, and that the experiment, set to fly to the ISS next year, will be housed in the space station’s Japanese module. [5 Manned Mars Mission Ideas].

Announcement of these funding proposals led NASA to extend its contract with Russia’s space agency, Rocosmos, through 2019.

And that’s when Bigelow Aerospace entered the picture.

Bigelow’s expandable habitats are made from layers of a material called Vectran, which the company claims is a double-strength version of Kevlar.

These “countermeasures” include having something on which to work.

Space is a harsh environment.

“I would imagine that would eat into some of your margin for success”, he said.


The awards are approximately £128,000 per year, up to a possible three years of research, for outstanding early-career faculty who research space technologies that are high priorities for NASA missions. However, the journey to the “red planet” would take too long given the distance and maximum spaceship speed today’s technology can provide.

Taking Endeavour's tanks: Retired shuttle donating water tanks for space station