Nat Wolff to Topline Death Note Adaptation

After striking it big in the last two John Green adaptations, The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns, the young actor is venturing into potentially R-rated terrain with Death Note. The popularity of the series spawned an anime adaptation and a Japanese live action film, which was itself successful enough to warrant a sequel. When a bored shinigami, a God of Death, named Ryuk drops a black notepad called a Death Note, Light receives power over life and death with the stroke of a pen. He would be playing the lead role, that of a student who happens to discover “a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone simply by writing the victim’s name”.


Wolff now co-stars with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway in The Intern, and alongside Mickey Rourke in the comedy Ashby. Light sets out to cleanse the world of evil, which puts him on a collision course with the enigmatic detective L. Read about the Nat Wolff Death Note casting after the jump. I’m particularly interested in the latter decision, banking on Wingard’s horror experience to do the character justice.


Death Note will be directed by Adam Wingard from a script by Jeremy Slater (Fantastic Four), with Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Jason Hoffs and Masi Oka on board as producers. Hopefully we’ll hear more on its development sooner than later.

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