NDP’s Thomas Mulcair pledges universal drug plan, 200 more palliative care clinics

This latest salvo comes after Williams launched his “Anything But Conservative” campaign in 2008 after accusing Harper of breaking a promise concerning transfer payments.


Harper said the “vast majority of Canadians” understand the Conservative government’s decision to try to ban face coverings at citizenship ceremonies. The NDP recognizes that safe and affordable housing is a right, not a privilege, and will work to undo the damage to our social housing that has happened since the previous Liberal government eliminated the Canadian National Housing Strategy.

The party that wins the most seats in an election forms the government – so it’s the MPs elected to Parliament that actually count, not national polls that don’t reflect local reality.

Williams, an outspoken and popular provincial premier during his tenure from 2003 to 2010, previously had an issue with Harper over money for his province and urged people in Newfoundland to vote anybody but Conservative in the 2008 election.

Stephen Harper has fallen out of touch with our middle class”, Trudeau says.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership dominated the campaign trail again on Tuesday, as the federal leaders faced questions about the massive trade deal that involves 12 countries including Canada.

Mulcair will be in the riding of Surrey-Newton, where the New Democrats are expected to be in a close race with the Liberals. “Period.” Mulcair on the TPP.

Harper said the deal would be a much needed boost to the Canadian economy, and ultimately help the auto sector in the long-term by opening up worldwide demand for locally-made products.

“I know there is also concern in a few parts of our auto industry about the implications of this agreement for that vital sector, ” Harper said, promising to soon announce measures to attract new auto investment and ensure the stability of vehicle assembly operations in Canada.

The New Democrats are anxious that drug prices will skyrocket under the agreement.

Richard Rolke’s recent column, No decorum at the forum, is a sad reflection on what NDP, Liberal and Green party supporters consider a rational and open debate on the party policies being presented in the current federal election.

Harper said the federal cabinet has already approved a plan to spend $4.3 billion over the next 15 years to protect Canadian dairy farmers from the impact of the trade deal. “So what Stephen Harper is doing there is that he’s admitting that he’s going to be killing off tens of thousands of jobs in the auto sector”. The program would be over ten years – so really $100 million a year – and won’t take effect until 2018. The Conservative Party would also allow students who are working to put more money in their Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs)-something the other parties promise to undo.


But yesterday, a daily Nanos poll conducted for CTV suggested that the NDP is indeed continuing to bleed support to Trudeau’s Liberals.

Is Stephen Harper ahead or is Justin Trudeau leading the pack? The polls aren't sure