Neil Young trumps Donald Trump

When Donald Trump officially announced his 2016 Republican presidential bid last week he did so to the blaring sound of Neil Young’s 1989 jam “Rockin’ in the Free World“.


As twitter-tirade-against-neil-young-after-being-banned-from-using-his-music-in-presidency-bid/story-e6frfmq9-1227413945972″ target=”_blank”>News Corp reports, this so incensed Young that his manager released a statement insisting Trump “wasn’t authorized” to use the song and explained that the Canadian rock icon is in fact barracking for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, not that he can vote in a USA federal election or anything.

The Trump campaign tells a different story about having permission to use the song.

Young then wrote himself: “I am glad that so many people with varying beliefs get enjoyment from my music, even if they do not share my beliefs”. “Nevertheless, we will not be using it again – there are plenty of songs to choose from”. By Chris CookeSo Donald Trump has finally shot back at Neil Young. Trump included a photo of Young in his office and partial images of documents as proof of his claim the singer recently asked him for money for “an audio deal:”. Despite Neil’s differing political views, Mr. Trump likes him very much,’ he added.

Read Trumps tweets about Young below.

You can check the whole thing out below, including Trump’s assertion that “Rockin’ in the Free World” was just a small part of a 10-song “background music” playlist for the event – and that he “didn’t love it anyway”.

Young says he is endorsing Sen. He took to Twitter of course, to let everyone know his opinion the “truth”.




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