Netanyahu demands Abbas, PA condemn West Bank murder

A day before Netanyahu’s speech, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas took to the floor of the declare that he was no longer bound by diplomatic agreements with Israel, including the Oslo Peace Accords that laid the groundwork for the peace process.


“President Abbas, I know it’s not easy”.

Israel is working closely with our Arab peace partners to address our common security challenges from Iran and also the security challenges from the Islamic State and others”, he said. The Palestinians should not walk away from peace.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and discussed regional situation, including the risks posed by incitement, violent extremism and terrorism. “By fueling Iran’s aggressions by billions of dollars in sanctions relief, it makes war more likely”. Netanyahu asked. “Do any of you really believe a theocratic Iran with sharper claws and sharper fangs will be more likely to change its stripes?” Accusing the organization of “Israel-bashing” and repeatedly passing resolutions against Israel while all but ignoring the savagery of the civil war in Syria, Netanyahu said the U.N.’s attitude toward Israel was unjust and disproportionate.

“Abu Mazen’s speech is deceitful and encourages incitement and destruction in the Middle East”, Netanyahu’s office said.

Calling on the world to stand up to Iran, he said he refuses to be silent, making the point with a 45-second – silent – pause, and a harsh glare.

“As long as Israel is not committed … we for our part are not committed and Israel must bear full responsibility”, he argued, making it clear however that Palestine will not resort to violence.

“Perhaps you can now understand why Israel is not joining you in celebrating this deal”, he said when he resumed.

Politico reported that Reid went to White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough both times as he attempted to get Democratic support for the Iran nuclear deal.

A US administration official said that Abbas had reaffirmed his commitment to a two-state solution, an aim shared by the United States. In the past he has flaunted cartoon drawings of bombs, waved blueprints of Auschwitz and now he used a new prop – deafening silence.

The prime minister of Israel is looking at a casino in the city of Eliat, asking fellow members of the government to ascertain whether it would help the area’s economy.


Referring to Thursday’s shooting at a Oregon community college that killed nine people, the prime minister said that Israel and America “are united in grief”.

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