Netflix Has Created An Actual ‘Netflix and Chill’ Button

“You should be comfortable with a soldering iron and have a solid understanding of electronics and programming before embarking on your journey to one-switch watching” says Netflix. This button was conceived at the 2015 World Maker Faire over the weekend and according to a Netflix brand rep who spoke to Mic, “This is for makers, and everyone who’ve already thought about this or done it in some form”.


Seemingly inspired by the popular slang for hooking up, Netflix has posted schematics for an internet-connected switch that creates the ideal viewing environment at the push of a button. If any of these things are over your head, you will likely have to continue manually performing all of your binge-watching preparations. A single button connected to the Internet is a universal tool, and whether you want to order a pizza or make a “do not disturb’ button for your phone, the only limitation for the Netflix and Chill button is your imagination”.

Useful as this may be, it’s not something you can just buy and operate out of the box.

The lengthy process of creating this device is only for the most committed Netflix-and-chill devotees, but if you’re going to try your hand at the device, let us know how it goes in the comments.


The chunky button (which you would absolutely have to mash with your fist – the only way to actuate such a switch) at once starts up Netflix on your TV, dims the lights, silences incoming phone calls and orders takeout.

Netflix Releases Schematics for Instant Netflix and Chill Button