Netflix has invented an actual ‘Netflix and chill’ button

The Switch is now a prototype that Netflix unveiled at the 2015 World Maker Faire. If any of these things are over your head, you will likely have to continue manually performing all of your binge-watching preparations. In the demo video, the Switch enables do not disturb mode on the owner’s Android phone, places a delivery order at a nearby sushi place for intermission snacking, and brings the house lights down before the show begins.


Useful as this may be, it’s not something you can just buy and operate out of the box. But they’re the optional extras; the main thrust of the project is to recreate the IR signal of your TV’s Netflix button and get it to dim a Philips Hue lighting array.

At the moment the Netflix button is under works, and the company engineers still accept suggestions on what the next build should contain, and maybe it will get even more user friendly for those who don’t really have the patience to tweak the hell out of their home electronics.

Seemingly inspired by the popular slang for hooking up, Netflix has posted schematics for an internet-connected switch that creates the ideal viewing environment at the push of a button.

Calling itself The Switch, the company has provided a guide to creating the button – requiring a bit of technical competence with smart lightbulbs and a microcontroller which connects to your WiFi.


However, to make the Internet-based switch yourself, you will need some basic electronics and programming knowledge such as experience with APIs.