Netflix has launched a virtual reality app

Twitch and Netflix also announced collaboration with Oculus to develop streaming apps for the upcoming VR headset. They were only represented by masks, but I heard everything they said and when they looked at me, it felt exactly like someone sitting in a chair next to me was doing the same thing. It’s a more intimate, human interaction.


Things are going to have to stand out on their own merit, not on the merit of the platform they happen to be made for.

Real social experiences – not just idealized self images interacting with one another.

Oculus will now offer video content from a number of video providers, including Facebook, Netflix and Hulu.

Along with it is the “precise” and “low-latency constellation tracking system” that will enable the users to feel the sensation of presence, bringing VR immersion to a whole new level. Suddenly Facebook sounds like the flawless company to have bought Oculus. The new headset – dubbed “Samsung Gear VR” – will be priced at $99; and will hit the markets later this fall. Or it might mean that the headset will be a discounted add-on to a subsidized Samsung phone.

Oculus is about to release its first virtual reality headset and the company under Facebook Inc. has a few grand plans for the new technology.

Beyond pricing, the success of a platform depends on compelling content, he said. Oh my! It’s like Christmas eve, and we’re all kids trying to sneak a peek. As most of the technology stocks took a downturn last Friday, Netflix shares fell by 1.5%, to close just over $102.

During the Oculus Connect Developer’s Conference, the company’s VP, Nate Mitchell, finally unveiled the estimated price of the consumer version of the Oculus Rift, which is also referred to as Consumer Rift.

It looks like our fantasies of digging huge caves and battling mythical blocky nether-drakes just got real – well, virtually speaking. It’s a smart move by Sony, allowing the PS4 to know when you’re facing the TV or not, and adjusting what you can see on the headset screen accordingly.

Munster maintained an Overweight rating for Facebook with a price target of $146. Many believe VR is in fact going to change the world – one day.

The new Oculus VR’s release date is slated for Black Friday on November this year. It will also be comparatively much more comfortable to use for longer periods of time.


Most computers in five years will be fully capable of running a good virtual-reality experience, and that’s when you get tons of people using it. All they have to do is be like, “I want to see virtual-reality sports”.

Netflix has launched a virtual reality app