Netflix Made A Netflix and Chill Button

Netflix calls it “The Switch“, but a better name might just be the “Netflix and Chill Button”.


Netflix is also encouraging enthusiasts and hobbyists to submit their own proposal of the next Switch build. Interested contributors can head over to the Netflix Make It website to share their suggestions. Netflix users, however, quickly coined it the “Netflix and Chill”. But as things tend to do, it morphed into a code for casual sex. It also has several LED’s and an IR transmitter capable of mimicking IR signal’s from Netflix compatible TVs. But everyone is referring to it as the “Netflix and Chill Button”, because that’s what it totally is. Her crush, meanwhile, had his eyes glued to the TV. News, the company unveiled a prototype at the 2015 World Maker Faire for a device that will help you unwind in preparation for a few binge-watching, and one presumes, whatever else that may entail. So, what does it do?

Now how’s that for your one-step shop for setting the mood? Once created, the battery or mains powered (depending on which components you use) device can, at the push of a button, turn on your TV, activate Netflix, dim smart lights, order food from a takeaway and silence an Android smartphone.


Constructing the device probably wouldn’t be the easiest project for the less tech-savvy, but if you’ve got the skills and plenty of free time then you could become the proud owner of a “Netflix and chill” switch. No word on if Netflix will supply the materials, but the company is open to other gadget ideas for the future.

The items you'll need to create your own Netflix and Chill button