Netflix Switch lets makers start binging with a button press

If one of these it works overhead, you’ll likely need to proceed to by hand carry out all your binge-watching recipes.


The company debuted the branded do-it-yourself tool at the 2015 World Maker Faire in New York this weekend, and is now accepting submissions for future projects through its “Make It” microsite.

Video streaming service Netflix has created “The Switch” – designed to do everything users need to prepare for a Netflix marathon, including turning on the TV, dimming the lights, silencing the phone and even ordering takeaway food.

Or you could just press a button to have this done for you. On a pad where Netflix was taking requests for its next project, someone named Kathryn left a suggestion for “a dating portion of Netflix that allows you invite someone to ‘Netflix and Chill, ‘ and gives you a suggestion for what to watch based on mutual preferences”.

Seemingly inspired by the popular slang for hooking up, Netflix has posted schematics for an internet-connected switch that creates the flawless viewing environment at the push of a button.

There’s some soldering involved and a bit of basic programming.


To summarize the process, the user gathers the materials in the list Netflix provides for construction – connects the device to your TV’s infrared remote signal, home wireless network, and smart lighting system – gets the source code and programs the microcontroller – and enjoy. Netflix and chill should really have a chill element in there, somewhere, after all.

Netflix Releases Schematics for Instant Netflix and Chill Button