New Apple TV debuts with touch remote and new tvOS

Besides a slightly changed box case and a new Apple Remote dubbed Siri Remote because it helps users tell their Apple TV exactly what they want to watch, this device also comes with a completely new operating system, with an iOS 9 core named tvOS.


Perhaps the most significant is the development of the TV app store, which will allow third-party development along the same lines as the iPhone and iPad. The apps will be distributed to users through the new Apple TV App Store.

For voice, Siri will search across multiple content apps and provide results on one screen (for example iTunes, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, and Hulu). You can also use Siri to look up things like the weather and sport scores. The new App and Siri enabled Apple TV is shipping at the end of October.

The all-new Apple TV is built from the ground up with a new generation of high-performance hardware and introduces an intuitive and fun user interface using the Siri Remote.

Well, it’s finally happened, a new Apple TV for 2015. Apple displayed various apps from a number of developers, but the ones that has us the most excited are Guitar Hero Live and Disney Infinity 3.0.

Meet tvOS, the new operating system for Apple TV.

“Apps make the TV experience even more compelling for viewers and we think apps represent the future of TV”, he added.

Apple is also building a mechanism that will let you play a game on your phone on the way home and resume it on your big screen when you get there.

The long-awaited revamp of the Apple TV was announced just this morning at Apple’s keynote press event.

Apple TV now becomes a hub of activity as you can easily find here more of content, information, data and entertainment.

The new remote control has a glass touch surface, and a button that allows access to Siri.

“Over 60% of paid TV consuming is done through an Apple device”.


Apple is offering the 32 GB model of the Apple TV at a price of $149, while the 64 GB model will sell for $199.

New Apple TV 2015