New browser ‘Microsoft Edge’ is nearly 112 percent faster than Chrome

Aul writes that the Edge team is continuously improving the performance of Edge browser and the latest version beats Chrome and Safari on their own JS benchmarks. With the latest near-final version of Windows 10 released, Microsoft is adding finishing touches to the launchpad, and getting ready to “celebrate” what is their biggest launch ever.


We’re really pleased with those performance gains and we hope that you’ll enjoy faster browsing with Microsoft Edge along with the many great features we’ve added over the last several builds.”

WebKit Sunspider is one of the most commonly used benchmarks for web browser performance, even though it seems to widely differ depending on the benchmark.

If these results are accurate, Microsoft Edge could soon be the web browser of choice for Windows users, considering its power and efficiency.

Microsoft’s new replacement for Internet Explorer appears to be faster than its competitors.

As Microsoft is just two weeks away from beginning to offer Windows 10 to the world, the company on Monday announced that builds from here on will only be available through Windows Update.



Consumers will get a chance to try Edge for themselves when it launches as the default browser with Windows 10 on July 29. On other benchmarks, the results are a little less impressive, with Google Octane showing 11 per cent faster speed for Microsoft Edge and Apple JetStream showing 37 per cent faster speed.