New Fallout 4 Video shows bringing the game to life

With just over a month before release of the gargantuan Fallout 4, Bethesda has published a pair of videos offering a little bit of insight into the game’s development. So all in all, buying the Season Pass will actually save you a few money, at least $10. Bethesda also announced recently that they plan to offer a Fallout 4 Season Pass which will include “all of the DLC that we ever do” and that will support the game with regular, free updates which will not only fix problems but also introduce new gameplay features.


Please note that the first DLC content for Fallout 4 won’t be available till early 2016. Bethesda designers talk about why fully voiced characters will let you connect emotionally with the characters like no other Fallout game before.

As if you needed more incentive to pick up Fallout 4 in November. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has started taking pre-orders for the standard edition of the game as well as the separate Season Pass. Doing means you will get charged twice for the Season Pass.

Fallout 4 had been rumored for a very long time throughout recent years, and at the beginning of June, Bethesda finally showcased the role-playing game, complete with gameplay footage, videos about its different mechanics, and plenty of other information.

The kit will allow players to make whatever they can think up or imagine within the game.


This is just more Fallout 4 info that I needed. The best part of Dogmeat is that he can never really die.

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