New ICD-10 medical codes will provide accuracy, insight for research

Not to mention W56.22xA – “struck by orca” – which became the title of an illustrated book of infamous ICD-10 codes that’s sold almost 10,000 copies, said its editor, Niko Skievaski of Madison, Wis. Now there are many more. Although this outreach is focused on physician practices, its content as well as the wealth of information on the ICD-10 dedicated CMS website ( are very relevant to hospitals that also are making the transition to the new diagnosis coding system, noted Bonnie Kirschenbaum, MS, FASHP. The broader ICD-9 had been in place for decades.


ICD-10 is the tenth revision of the global Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, and is all set to go into effect. And if you’ve got a headache from deciphering all 68,000 new codes, up from 14,000, then you should learn the new billable coding number of R-51.

However, Gann said there are still questions as to whether insurers are ready. Axxess is a home health software vendor based in Dallas. Numerous press releases, articles, and blogs can be found on the Internet, many of which talk about ICD-10 paving the way for more accurate payment of new procedures, better administrative performance, and improved patient care.

Agencies should also ensure that they have a final 2016 copy of the ICD-10-CM coding manual to use for coding.

Forbes further adds that health insurance companies, employers and their human resources departments have been working with patients and health plan enrollees, warning of potential problems.

Employee benefits consultant Aon Hewitt told Forbes that physicians and hospitals may use outdated codes and potentially bill patients for services that may be covered by their insurance.

“This is a complex conversion that could initially lead to disruptions across the medical field”, said Chris Miles, senior vice president of Aon Hewitt’s health group. It contains codes for injuries and diseases and their causes and symptoms, along with patient complaints and socioeconomic circumstances. The revamped system, mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, will take doctors and hospital clerks a few getting used to, likely resulting in slower billing and payments. “Our goal is to have a smooth transition”.

A healthcare watchdog group remains concerned about changes to Medicare coding that kick in on Thursday.


Administration officials, who have already delayed the codes’ debut twice, say the system will help identify efficient ways to manage all kinds of conditions, from heart disease to roller-skating injuries. A 2014 report by Research and Markets noted that 71 percent of hospitals planned to secure an external CDI service partner by the third quarter of 2015, and that prediction seems to be extremely close to the current state of affairs.

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