New iOS 9 Updates for a Better User Experience

After you get the new iOS 9 updates, take a while to explore its settings application to modify it according to your preference.


Apple has yet to address the bypass, though tests showed today’s iOS 9.0.1 update and iOS 9.1 beta versions do not contain a fix.

Protecting your iPhone with a PIN won’t even help in this case, because all the hacker has to do is enter the wrong PIN four times.

Rodriguez uploaded a video on YouTube last week showing off the security flaw on the iOS 9.

After gaining access to the device, the hacker can do just about anything, including sending text messages to contacts or viewing whatever they want on the device.

In other iOS 9 vulnerability news, exploit trader Zerodium announced a million-dollar bounty for any new flaws in iOS 9 that affect non-jailbroken iDevices. Apple also thought of the period when users don’t wear their smartwatches, and enhanced the device with the Nightstand Mode, which lets you use your gadget as an alarm which is placed by your bed. In fact, you have to wonder exactly how the hackers figured that out, and we all hope Apple fixes the bug before someone does something bad. Rodriguez was the one who also discovered the passcode flaw in iOS 6.1.3 two years ago, the report adds.

Improved support for Siri, more useful multi-tasking, better battery life – the list of enhancements goes on. This method, however, does not work when the phone is locked using the fingerprint passcode.

Once Siri is launched, keep asking it for the time.

The photos, for instance, are exposed when navigating to add a new contact. From there, scroll down to “Allow access when locked“, and disable Siri. Now tap on the Clock icon. Once you do this, Siri will be activated while on the same time your iOS 9 running device will be disabled in the background.


This week, a video surfaced about a flaw in the security system of the iOS 9 mobile operating system that can bypass the passcode on a lock screen.

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