New iPhone feature could be eating up your data

I usually use 1-2GB of mobile data a month, this month I’m up to 7″. There’s no way to attribute higher monthly data usage directly to Wi-Fi Assist, but there’s a chance it could be the cause of the sticker shock. Just head to Settings Cellular and scroll all the way to the bottom.


The setting, called “WiFi Assist”, automatically switches your phone over to the cellular network when you’re in a place with spotty WiFi.

Visit Hardware Zone for more stories. So if you see a gray Wi-Fi notification at the top of your screen, stop downloading the entire contents of the Library of Congress.

But if you have enough data to spare, Wi-Fi Assist is a pretty cool feature and you should probably keep it enabled.

The second option gives you the karma points for having raised the standards of the world by a fraction. Often, these are exactly the data that we want to protect.

What do you think about iOS 9’s new Wi-Fi Assist feature? This boosts your phone’s access and connection no doubt, but it will definitely eat up your data plan.

But if you’ve got limited data on your contract it means you’ll be eating into that amount, and may be charged a little extra by your provider.

Apple’s update to iOS 9 included a few new features that are created to help enhance users’ experiences with their iPhones and iPads.


Just touch the white button, the background will turn white, and the feature will be turned off. You can flip it back on when you find yourself in a low-reception area and need to use the internet. If your iPad or iPhone and iPod is stuck on Slide to Upgrade, worry no more. Following this the reviewer opens up a variety of apps and also looks at multitasking to compare speeds in these respects. Those fees can cost you hundreds of dollars on a single bill.

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