New mental health fund launched

May month is known as Mental Health Awareness Month, also as Mental Health Month, dedicated to educating the public about the realms and reality of mental illnesses.


A leading Burnley gym is throwing open its doors for all non-members for Mental Health Awareness Week in order to raise awareness of mental health issues. We believe mental and physical health are of equal importance, which is why we set ourselves a target to match the number of mental and physical first aiders in our organisation.

In response to increasing demand from businesses for mental health support, Bupa has launched its Business Mental Health Advantage – the most extensive mental health cover for businesses and their employees. Most people have their own ideas on why the problem with children and young people’s mental health seems to be worsening. Generally, around one in four people in Scotland are estimated to be affected by mental illness in any one year, so even if you personally don’t experience a problem, it is inevitable that someone close to you will.

Dr Louise Barker, the CCG’s clinical lead for mental health and learning disability services, said: “I’d like to thank Ian for sharing his story about his mental health struggles. Our Managing Mental Health report has given employers the insights they need to affect meaningful change in this area; it is vital that they take heed”.

This plan for long-term solutions is informed by a comprehensive assessment of Larimer County mental health needs and services, and builds a common framework for the many separate pieces to this complex community challenge.

But open lines of communication are key to better workplace wellbeing, as well as key to helping employees and leadership get the support they need. This suggests that by the early 2020s more than three-quarters (78%) of United Kingdom companies will have a defined mental health strategy.

The Hertfordshire Partnership University Foundation Trust is also supporting Mental Health Awareness Week with a variety of talks and workshops are taking place at Stevenage Wellbeing Centre tomorrow – along with the chance to try Laughter Yoga and other activities.

Richard Grange, a spokesman for the Mental Health Foundation, told The Times: “The mental health impact of work can follow us home”.

Punter Southall Health and Protection, is calling for United Kingdom employers to tackle employee stress and better support their mental wellbeing by implementing mental health strategies which are championed by business leaders.


The day is held on the first Thursday in February and aims to bring the nation together to get talking and break the silence around psychological problems. This Mental Health Awareness Week we are asking ‘How are you, really?’ We want to help as many people as we can in the legal profession who are feeling stressed or depressed or have any other issue. It takes just 15-20 minutes to complete and is confidential.

More than 70 per cent of workers in London admit to feeling stress at work