New poll shows Trump down, Fiorina surging

They get over their summer infatuations and they start applying more traditional criteria to candidates.


Voter Gravity conducted the poll by surveying 2,839 New Hampshire Republican primary voters through touchtone telephone responses Thursday, one day after the CNN debate. Two of his tweets, directed at Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, were the second and third-most retweeted candidate tweets of the evening (behind Jeb Bush’s “Sorry Mom”). He’s loud, brash, driven by instinct, focused on personal gain, shameless.

A slim majority (53%) said they are more likely to vote for someone who would send ground troops to fight ISIS in Iraq or Syria.

Hewlett-Packard, she noted the troubles with his casinos, which required filing for bankruptcy protection four times. “I think we’ve got such a good slate of candidates”, Benak said.

The first Democratic debate will be moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper on October 13 in Las Vegas.

With these significantly improved ratings, Carson is now tied with Trump, who was hammered by his fellow candidates during the debate, as the top Republican presidential hopeful.

Trump is no fan of her style, either.

Trump said he fielded “the toughest questions” on the CNN telecast – as he did in the first debate on Fox News Channel – and that 47 percent of the questions were Trump-related. Walker, who was earlier thought to be a strong contender for the Republican nomination, had been polling around 5 percent.

Does any candidate outside of my top six have anything in his debate arsenal we haven’t seen yet?

“Go ahead, tell me”, Trump said.

These surveys were taken on the night of the latest Republican debate and the night after.

The former reality television star avoided any major gaffes, yet delivered an underwhelming performance by the conventional standards of presidential politics. I actually think just about everybody did well.

Mr Trump has until now turned every apparent gaffe and setback to his advantage but he appeared a diminished figure on Wednesday; just one aspiring politician among nearly a dozen.

While it seemed Fiorina found the Kryptonite to disable Trump, she also won plaudits for her moving account of losing a daughter to drug addiction and her passionate pro-life plea to end federal funding to women’s health care and abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

“Why should we trust you to manage the finances of this nation?” she asked him.


According to Green, Fiorina’s command of the stage showed she could “annihilate” Hillary Rodham Clinton in a debate.

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