New reality show for Madge?

It’s been reported today that Madge is in talks with production company, Bunim Murray, who make Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as she’s been impressed with the impact Kanye West’s career has enjoyed since being featured on the show and linked with its stars.


Kim Kardashian shared this naked selfie last week [Instagram]. Nothing is off limits, from almost-naked booty pics to details of their seemingly insatiable sex life.

But this time, she’s using husband Kanye West’s own words to describe herself as a “good girl”. The tabloid revealed that Kim has already gained 65 pounds, and she is only half way through her pregnancy and has four more months to go!

“He particularly loves the foreplay”.

It’s been a blast of a summer for Kim, as she’s been living it up in St Barts with her loved ones. Sounds healthy. “But truth be told, Kanye has a thing for Kim’s swollen feet! He likes to suck on her toes and when he does that – it drives her wild!”

That’s not all. Mr. West loves when his wife is pregnant and finds it beyond sexy.

A source told gossip website “Kanye wishes Kim could be pregnant all year long”.

She’s more committed than a fan! We’re glad to hear that all is well in the bedroom for these two lovebirds.

It paid off and the couple announced their pregnancy earlier this summer.


Kim Kardashian has confessed in the past that Kanye expects her to be in tip-top shape, and even has had a personal trainer and dietitian work with his wife and has put her on strict diets in the past. “So I had to learn to really do what my mother taught me, and become the man she always knew I could be, and bow as a creative.” he said in an interview with Complex.

Kimye share a smooch