New Scandal Season 5,Episode 2 Spoiler Photos Released By ABC

So will Olivia become First Lady or will she be the first mistress to enter the White House?


New Scandal season 5, episode 2 spoiler photos released by ABC.

Last season began with a bang, more specifically a finger bang from Jake From State Farm that was so good it apparently made Olivia’s hair go from straight to curly.

Watch a preview of the Scandal Season 5 premiere, “Heavy Is The Head”.

If you’re new to the “Scandal” universe, catch up with links to episode recaps listed below, or check out this “Scandal” wiki. Not to mention when Olivia was kidnapped, the team had to work on their own and would have to deal with Olivia’s recovery for the latter half of the season.

When we last left off on Scandal, Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) had finally gotten back together. Olivia answered, “Whatever we want”. Tell us your opinion now!

“In the fifth-season opener, Olivia and Fitz are blissful about their reunion, but Cyrus, Mellie and Huck must face the repercussions of assisting Command. Lawyer’s House” before they could stop her. Who is Eggs 911? These were all things Olivia chose to support and her team backed her the whole way through. It’s not dissimilar to last season when the first lady was drowning in grief after the death of her son, but Young promises that she will snap out of this funk quicker. With that in mind, is it likely that Fitz and Olivia can remain together throughout the entire season? All she’s known her adult life was being obedient by Fitz’s side. They will always be in each other’s lives due to their children, but now they’ll strictly be co-parents only. Even though he won the reelection, Sally remains a fierce adversary.

But it turns out Stephen (‘memba him from season one?) is behind the purchase.

When he said “roles that are going shift”, was Scott Foley talking about Jake Ballard’s shift from being a lovesick puppy chasing Olivia Pope around to a man who’s involved in an actual relationship where he receives as much love as he gives it?

HollywoodLifers, do you think Kerry should’ve stopped and talked to the fan? But we’ve never really seen them be a couple for long.

However, it has been confirmed by Rhimes that a new gladiator will be added to Pope and Associates. For two episodes we think she is in a third world country, but it turns out she’s in Harrisburg. “I deserve more than this”. Marcus Walker wasn’t a terribly compelling character; having him return in an occasional episode would have been fine.


“I think he’s so special”. Let’s wait and see.

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