New SUPERGIRL Trailer and Details – RED TORNADO Coming

Speaking of Lucy Lane, she is also reported to be part of the series.


The producer said the show’s version will have “a slightly different take on the character” from the one in “Superman II”.

Supergirl premieres on CBS on Monday, October 26, at 8:30/7:30.

Berlanti said he finds “a relatability” to star Melissa Benoist when she’s in her civilian Kara identity: “When she hesitates and phumphers like Clark Kent did, it’s the most evocative [of that kind of secret-identity character] since Christopher Reeve“.

Supergirl will air Monday nights at 8 on CBS.

CBS Entertainment Chairwoman Nina Tassler said that there are no plans for character crossovers with Berlanti and Kreisberg’s CW series, but the networks would be involved in crossover promotion.

Even Melissa Benoist herself recognizes the beauty in her character’s struggle to accept a fate that seems predestined, and at the same time presents her with challenges that force Supergirl to struggle and fight for that fate. “And we’re just trying to make Supergirl the best show it can be on its own”. “She’s Supergirl because she’s Supergirl”. “In the comics, Superman takes a lot more punishment than just Kryptonite and it was important to us to put [Kara] in situations where she isn’t all powerful so that you can root for her”, explained Kreisberg. Instead, as suggested by the show’s trailer, the Man of Steel will be alluded to, but won’t play an active role in the adventures of Kara Zor-El. “It’s very much [Supergirl’s] point of view”, added EP Ali Adler. We’re also going to have The Red Tornado. She was tasked to protect her infant cousin Kor-El but a wormhole seized her making her arrive on Earth years after, when his infant cousin is already The Superman.

“Obviously there are some people who are so passionate (about Supergirl) that you want to hear what they have to say, because it’s a character they love”, Benoist said.

If you look, there is a silhouetted Superman that saves young Kara from her escape pod, the same type of pod that jettisoned Superman to safety before Krypton exploded.

“He will be a back-burnered life”, Johns said of Superman’s presence in the CBS series. By the end of it, literally we fell in love with the character and the story.


“It’s a real celebration of girl power, (where Cat says:), ‘I’m a girl and I’m awesome and I’m not going to apologize for that.’ ” Flockhart said, adding that she thinks mothers and daughters will have fun watching Supergirl together.

SUPERGIRL is CBS's new action-adventure drama based on the DC COMICS character Kara Zor El, Superman's cousin who after 12 years of keeping her powers a secret on Earth decides to finally embrace her superhuman abilities and