New Xbox All in One: Your Entertainment Hub

What more can you ask for? It has fast paced video games, blockbuster Hollywood movies, and even NFL games to keep your regaled. You will never have a dull moment when you have this all in one entertainment system from Microsoft that they have dubbed Xbox all in one. The new entertainment hub was launched with much fanfare on Tuesday and Microsoft aims it to be to be one system for complete entertainment for the entire house with movies, games and even live sports matches for the member of the family. Being a gaming console till now, this all in one Xbox entertainment system focuses on gaming and interactive TV watching.  Microsoft believes this entertainment hub will help in making any living room livelier than ever and will ensure there is no dull moment when a person is having free time in his life.Xbox One



Give commands through your hands and voice

Xbox one is fitted with the revolutionary Kinect motion system that gives the user the ability to control the movements of the game characters through his voice. This unique technology makes it possible to connect all other devices inside the room to be controlled with the help of hand gestures and voice of the user. Imagine being able to control the content on the screen of your device using your hands and voice. You will even have the freedom to take a content to a corner of the screen and interact with content in the remaining part of the screen.

The new Xbox all in one is made of no less than 5 billion transistors and boasts of a huge 8 GB of RAM. It has USB support with the 3.0 version for faster sharing of your media files with other devices, Blu-ray drive, Wi-Fi for internet, and even input for HDMI to allow you to watch photos and videos on large screen. The new system will have at least 15 new games within a year of its launch but it is the desire to attract not only the gamers but all other members of the family that has prompted Microsoft to make this entertainment machine.


Watch a  movie, listen to music, or play games

With this new system in your living room, you can easily switch from watching live TV to music or a movie by simplyXbox One 1 giving command through your voice. You can even browse the internet or watch games on TV if you so desire. If you are bored with all this stuff, you can lean back on your friends and start chatting with them on Skype. This is the reason why Xbox all in one has appeal for not just the hard core gamers but also for the parents and grandparent who have different choices for entertainment than their kids.

Xbox all in one allows the user to connect to his set top box and watch TV programs. In fact, watching TV is much more interactive than your regular TV as you can give voice commands to get to the program that you want to watch.