Next Apple TV To Be Announced In Fall 2015

As usual, Apple is expected to announce its annual iPhone update in early September at an event in San Francisco, with most reports suggesting an iterative “s” upgrade that will improve on performance and battery life rather than add any significant new features.


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Perhaps most importantly, Apple will also be releasing a software development kit for Apple TV along with an official Apple TV section of the App Store, which will greatly enhance the set-top box’s overall functionality.

The Apple TV is one device that is long overdue for an update, but Apple has yet to produce one.

According to the website Apple requested changes to the chips layout asking both chipmakers to rework wafers.

While a subscription TV service may be far off, all signs point to a Touch ID Apple TV remote being available alongside the new Apple TV.

If John Paczkowski’s sources are right, we may be seeing a new Apple TV this September along with a series of fresh iPhones.

If indeed the leaked photos are components of Apple’s up and coming iPhone 6S, this will be a disappointment for the die hard Apple fans since the images shows no improvements to the design and the promised more advanced primary camera.

It seems that Apple finally has a good reason to release a new model.

Analysts say Americans are “cutting the cord” with pay TV providers at a higher rate than ever before – as evidenced by the success at Apple, with Google’s Chromecast and HBO’s new standalone service HBO Now. Many reports have appeared indicating that the next generation of Apple TV is expected to be debuted together with the release of iPhone 6S in September. It essentially serves as the replacement for the iPhone 5, rather than its successor, since the device uses much of the same hardware as the iPhone 5.

Apple’s biggest trump card may be access to a new TV subscription service, including a “skinny” bundle of channels for a monthly fee.


Apple could potentially turn the Apple TV into a basic games machine, like an Ouya without being bad, while developers could turn the device into a hub for all kinds of entertainment and media, whether that’s a catch-up app from the ABC or a funky Spotify app for music.

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