Niagara County Department of Health aims to control tuberculosis

Scientific estimates suggest India has almost 28 lakh TB patients, out of which only 18 lakhs are accounted for either in the government programme or as known private sector cases.


The event is free and will cover topics including tuberculosis (TB) epidemiology, radiology and interpreting TB lab reports. The Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO) have put the figure at 1,020,000 people.

Latent and active TB are the two kinds of TB. The Task Force also recommends TB testing in persons who have lived in “high-risk congregate settings”, such as homeless shelters and correctional facilities. The disease, which used to be referred to as “consumption”, is associated with the Victorian era, a time before vaccines or antibiotics. We need political leadership, and this year, Heads of State will meet in NY at the United Nations General Assembly for a high-level meeting on TB for the first time ever.

Tuberculosis is an influential bacterial infection that can affect nearly every part of the human body.

Infectious Disease Specialist Pam Whitney with the Missoula City County Health Department said the disease is trending downward in Montana, despite one highly publicized case at Flathead High School. Notably, persons who received a diagnosis of TB more than 10 years after arriving in the USA made up 45% of all TB cases among non-U.S. born persons.

When one considers the numbers, it boggles the mind that TB is not dominating the headlines, is not a top priority for political parties or trade unions, and is not one of the key issues in every single State of the Nation address. In 2016, the largest number of new TB cases occurred in Asia, with 45% of new cases, followed by Africa, with 25% of new cases.

Will our leaders deliver? They can make you sick and the germs can spread to other people as well. “End TB”, which highlights the importance of engaging people from all across the world to put efforts to eliminate TB.

In India, TB was defined as a notifiable disease in 2012. TB is a huge drain on India’s economy.

What are the barriers in place that leaders will have to overcome to create a TB-free world? 2025 is just seven years away and the clock is ticking! But the worldwide TB community appreciates the ambition displayed by India. But even though this progress is remarkable, hard-to-treat TB threatens to stop it in its tracks.

“TB rates are now at their lowest point on record in New Mexico and in the United States”, she said. Seven countries account for 64 per cent of the total, with India leading the count, as per WHO.

That being said, there is now an unprecedented momentum in the fight against TB.

As wealthy donor countries focus their priorities on populist and nationalist demands, it is unclear whether any other rich country will pick up the slack.

Of the current findings, as many as 420 thousand TB patients have undergone treatment. There is an increase in MDR TB patients in last few years.

In India, over 1300 people die of TB every day.


Ending the TB epidemic by 2030 is among the health targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.

India is the second leading country to contribute to the related mortality rate