North Atlantic Treaty Organisation service members, 2 suspected attackers killed in insider attack in

A group of religious leaders involved in mediation have obtained decision-making powers from the dissidents, but Mansoor has not yet agreed to empower the clerics, said a member of the ulema council, Mufti Masoom Afghani, while talking to The Express Tribune. Four years later, that strategy is bearing fruit and many of those goals have been achieved in whole or in part. He said majority of this group is now fighting with security forces in northern Afghanistan.


However, al-Zawahiri’s pledge to Mansour could be viewed as a political play, reports The Huffington Post, because ISIS is also looking to expand into the region and will need the Taliban’s support.

On a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation base in Jalalabad – one of the bloodiest areas of Afghanistan – U.S. Army Brig. The government of Afghanistan in this regard should play a very pro-active part.

He said such remarks are made by those who organized funerals for the former Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

All the victims of the bloody suicide bombing for which the officials have pointed the finger at Taliban militants, are innocent civilians including women and children, some of them school pupils. Gen. Mitchell Chitwood delivered a stern message this month to Afghan army leaders: Whilst you seek out the Taliban, you must respect individuals’s primary rights. An Afghanistan that is securing its own future and is an Islamic partner in defeating terror will increase the prospects for regional stability and contribute to worldwide security – our security. Mellibin also says Ghani remains firmly committed towards a path that can lead to a better relationship with Pakistan.

The United States has invested too much and has too much at stake to turn away now.

“There’s no new strategy with respect to what we’re trying to do in Afghanistan with our worldwide partners”, State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters at his daily news conference.


It was believed to be the worst loss of American life in a single episode this year in Afghanistan since U.S. forces have mostly withdrawn, leaving less than 10,000 soldiers. This is even clearer in light of recent events. “That has introduced a brand new actuality to the Afghan forces. Pakistan will continue to reach out to its interlocutors to drop their reservations to rejoin the negotiating process for the greater good of the people of Afghanistan and of the region”.

British soldiers arrive to inspect the site of a car bomb in Kabul