North Korea: Kim Jong-un announces huge bonuses for government employees

North Korea is under United Nations sanctions because of its nuclear tests and missile launches.


Park’s comments came amid signs of tensions on the peninsula as North Korea said it was in the final stage of developing satellites for Earth observation. “It became a huge burden for me to go through treatment in that situation. The broker’s neighbor also did it for two months”. Unbeknownst to her, simply entering South Korea would mean her citizenship would be renounced in the North, and she would fall under South Korea’s program for accepting defectors, which has no measures in place to help them return home.

“Other defectors who were with me said if I go out and get caught they too will be handed over to China’s Public Security and their life will be in jeopardy”. Other venues, such as hotels, charge more, and it is not unusual for weddings in Pyongyang to cost as much as $3,000, an exorbitant price in a country where the per capita income in 2014 was $1,210, according to South Korea’s central bank and 70 percent of the population is food insecure.

US cable news network CNN released an exclusive interview with senior officials of North Korea’s space agency on Wednesday in which they claimed that the launch is “imminent”.

“I was thinking of recovering completely before returning to my aging parents”.

“Several dozen South Korean workers will travel in and out of the resort between now and October 14″, she said. Her sentence for passport fraud and espionage was suspended in April, but she has since been placed on parole and kept under careful watch by the South Korean authorities.

She told CNN: “There is nothing else for me to say but I am sorry”.

Three South Koreans were convicted Friday of producing methamphetamine in North Korea and bringing some of the drugs to the South.

The US sees Xi’s visit as an opportunity to persuade China, “a fulcrum of influence” on North Korea, to play a more active role in getting the North to disarm.


Meanwhile, her family in Pyongyang is still awaiting her return, and wants her to continue fighting until the very end.

SKorea denies rocket reports; still prepares for worst