North West gets designer jackets

Kim Kardashian is already a hormonal insecure mess and is threatening her husband with a divorce, and Kanye West just keeps digging a deeper hole for himself. Yes, you read correctly, three. “I’m so honored that Northie is your little muse! Can’t wait for her to wear them!!!” she captioned the photo.


Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, has done it yet again!

“Baby Balmain!!! Thank you so much @ORousteing & @Balmain for making North these one of a kind jackets!!!” How about another set of custom-made Balmain jackets. A double-breasted number was khaki-hued, as was a little bomber jacket, while the other was in black and featured multiple silver zips.

KIM Kardashian has certainly been accused of being abit plastic before – but this takes things to a new level.

Kim’s waxwork was first unveiled at the beginning of July, and Kanye was added next to his wife this week.

Originally, the fan told Kim she was going to be coming to Los Angeles for her big day and Kim told her not to worry, that she would come to her, which is a pretty awesome gesture on Kim’s part, especially considering how insane busy she is. Guests can pose for selfies alongside the pair which will be captured by Kim’s mobile phone in front of a constantly changing backdrop.


The famous toddler has rocked everything from Givenchy and Maison Margiela to Alexander Wang and Lanvin.

Proof North West's Wardrobe Is WAY Fancier Than Yours