North West Teaches Ellen DeGeneres How To Play ‘My Little Pony’

Before talking about West’s political ambitions on the show, DeGeneres was in Kardashian’s dressing room and got in a playing time with North.


In the picture, a smiling North can be seen brushing the hair of a My Little Pony while Ellen holds the toy in place.

“Well, this is right before I went on…Northie & Ellen brushing My Little Pony’s hair lol”.

Kardashian photographed a quick photo of little North and Ellen DeGeneres transfixed by a My Little Pony grooming session.

Speaking on the show afterwards Kim told Ellen that she quite liked the nameEaston West” for her unborn son who is due in November.

Mum Kim Kardashian-West watched on shortly before her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently and posted the adorable image to Instagram. Kim snapped the precious moment and shared it on Instagram with the caption, “Who saw @TheEllenShow today?”

While she’s got ideas, the 34-year-old said she wouldn’t really decide until she was around eight months pregnant.

We think North is nearly old enough to start doing her own interviews! “Head. Head West. You could do Wild or The Wild-Wild. Mid”.

She also talked about West being “serious” about running for president.

“No that’s not a good direction anyway, ” Ellen pointed out.


The reality star went on to say, “I do like Easton, but I don’t think Kanye likes Easton, I’m not sure”.

North West plays with Ellen DeGeneres