Not A Bad Start: Donald Trump Does Well in Key Primary State

Sununu said on Tuesday night that he is thankful he is not managing the events and their related details.


Real estate magnate and reality TV star Donald Trump has jumped to second place among New Hampshire Republicans, trailing only ex- Florida governor Jeb Bush in a new Suffolk University Poll. More than 69 percent of Republican primary voters are very or somewhat satisfied with the field of candidates, compared to 55 percent in Suffolk University’s March poll. Mr. Trump is right behind at 11%. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Florida Sen.

Asked to give a second choice, 14 percent chose Bush, to 13 percent for Rubio, 10 percent for Walker and 7 percent for Trump.

Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said that “it’s clear that Republicans are ready to seek leadership outside of Washington“.

Overall, 49 percent of likely voters had an unfavorable opinion of Trump, while 37 percent viewed him positively.

Despite all that, the man whose hair inspired its own Twitter account is not only running, he’s competing in an early primary state.

Over more than a half-hour, Trump quipped as he criticized the media and other politicians – although he said Maryland Republicans were in their own class and were “fabulous”. “It’s the politics of plurality”.

However, Paleologos that Trump’s detractors are divided among many candidates in the increasingly crowded field of GOP candidates.

“The question is, who among the growing list of candidates will be selected to participate”, the pollster said.

But despite his many detractors, Trump clearly has his fans in New Hampshire. But nobody demonstrated more enthusiasm in dancing for his masters than our man Jeb (!), who quickly has mastered the Bush family political art of marrying abject self-abasement to clueless self-regard.

Maybe it’s time to realize the folks in New Hampshire are a tiny off. Maybe a lot off. Maybe more than a tiny wacko. They were followed by a dozen other contenders, nearly all of them with more electoral and governmental experience than Trump, scoring single digits.

Has New Hampshire gone nuts?




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