Not Smiling: Apple Event Photoshop Demo Draws Ire

Now, as people buzz about the iPad Pro and possibly buy one and bring it to work, more corporate technology managers could be forced to give the Surface or newly announced competitors from Dell, Toshiba and Lenovo a second look.


Mr Wood said: “Apple is the powerhouse that keeps on rolling”.

The push comes after six straight quarters of decelerating iPad sales, which the company has been trying to stem by encouraging more industry-specific uses for the tablet. The last time something like this happened, it was critical for Apple.

Diversity in tech has been a big issue over the past few years. Except, of course, the iPad Pro doesn’t support USB, multiple-monitors, a mouse, or a docking station, and it runs an operating system designed for a mobile device. ADBE, +0.23% executive who displayed how easy it is to Photoshop on the iPad.

Microsoft – Microsoft! – made a surprise appearance at Apple’s big iPhone media event on Wednesday with execs showing off how to use Apple’s new stylus with Microsoft’s Office applications on the larger iPad Pro.

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The new iPad is still priced below Surface Pro 3, which has a starting retail price of $1,299, but the gap is not wide if you want all the fixings.

Spredfast noted that the iPad Pro was so popular on Twitter, there were more than 9,700 tweets per minute about the product at its peak. For the iPad Pro, that means that the tablet can intelligently slow down refresh rate while you’re doing less intense things like checking email, turning up the speed for videos or gaming – the upshot is energy efficiency and better battery life, which Apple puts at about 10 hours.


Interestingly, Apple didn’t show off its iWork productivity suite, which the company bundles with iOS devices. iWork’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps compete directly with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, though Apple doesn’t spend almost as much time discussing and promoting them as Microsoft does with its Office suite. It holds up to 512GB RAM followed by the iPad Pro with 128GB, which are more than suitable for our storage needs.

Not Smiling: Apple Event Photoshop Demo Draws Ire