Obama calls for ‘strong’ climate deal in Paris

While flying from Washington to New York on Sunday morning, Obama called Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to discuss the need to resolve remaining issues in Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations. The Syria refugee crisis is a global problem and must be addressed.


I hope now that we will move on and have leadership in both the House and the Senate that will produce results”, Fiorina said on NBC’s “Meet the Press”. His second was directed to the annual world leaders assembly, examining world issues, particularly the complicated conflict in Syria.

A meeting on the sidelines Monday between Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who hasn’t shown up to the United Nations meeting for a decade, is one highlight.

Obama and Putin will meet today.

I profoundly believe numerous conflicts, the refugee crises, the military interventions over the years, may have been avoided if nations had truly invested in the lives of their people and if the wealthiest nations on earth were better partners in working with those trying to lift themselves up”, Obama said Sunday.

Speaking to reporters last week, White House deputy security adviser Ben Rhodes said that while the administration favors non-military solutions in many instances, it will continue to push back against Russias annexation of Crimea and support for separatists in southeastern Ukraine.

Empire co-creator Lee Daniels, founder Mark Zuckerberg, and fashion designer Phillip Lim were among the 200 guests at the event on Friday (25Sep15), which was held for China’s President Xi Jinpling and his wife Peng Liyuan.

President Barack Obama arrives to speak at the United Nations… That spared Obama from having to make good on his threatened veto.

The sanctions imposed by Washington are in retaliation for Pyongyang’s refusal to mothball its nuclear weapons program.

A U.S.-led coalition has meanwhile been conducting airstrikes against IS in Iraq and Syria as well as training and advising Iraqi forces, but USA officials insist they are not coordinating their efforts with Iran.

Lebanon Prime Minister Tammam Salam made a similar plea, telling the United Nations the Syrian refugee crisis was costing his tiny country one-third of its gross domestic product and strangling development. Endorsed by the U.N.’s 193 members, the plan includes fighting climate change.

House Speaker John Boehner warned Sunday against “false prophets” in his own party making unrealistic promises, saying his resignation had averted a government shutdown this week but not the GOP’s broader battle over how to wield power.

On Monday, Obama will chair a summit on worldwide peacekeeping, another example of how the USA has sought to achieve some of its goals without putting its soliders in harms way.

The United States and human rights organizations sharply criticized China’s repression and imprisonment of women’s rights activists ahead of a high-level U.N. meeting Sunday to promote women’s equality. The…

Behind-the-scenes diplomacy on Syria’s grinding conflict is another.

The president is expected to ask for a joint effort against the growing ISIS threat, as well as a transition in the Syrian government.


He cited Pope Francis, who has won a warm reception on a visit to the United States and has heartened Obama by taking up the cause of climate change.

Obama calls for strong climate deal in Paris