Obama critical of candidates’ ideas on crisis in Syria

It’s a plan that allows them to stake out a more aggressive military posture than Obama, while stopping short of the kind of large-scale combat troop deployments the US engaged in for years in Iraq and Afghanistan – and of which voters have wearied.


MAJOR GARRETT: To what degree did Hillary Clinton’s endorsement just yesterday of a no-fly zone put her in a category of embracing a half-baked answer in Syria that borders on mumbo-jumbo? “This is unacceptable and must stop”.

Obama says he opposes that course, and that reporters should ask candidates who promote a no-fly zone, “How would you fund it, and how would you sustain it?”

Kasich repeated his call for the United States to contribute to a regional coalition of ground troops to defeat the Islamic State and al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. “But I moreover think there is a difference between running for president and being president“.

By Friday morning, the U.S.-led coalition had gone public with their growing concerns over Russia’s actions. It should remain deployed until a transitional council can achieve a regional commitment to a sustainable political solution that will restore peace and security to Syria and Iraq….

Kasich has sought to sell his foreign policy chops as a candidate. The US, meanwhile, argues that Assad’s actions against his people – described by the United Nations as crimes against humanity – disqualify Assad from any claim to rule the country.

Mrs. Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 and Mr. Obama’s former secretary of state, said Thursday that she would advocate as president for a no-fly zone over Syria and “humanitarian corridors” to protect civilians caught in the civil war.

This week, Russian Federation began airstrikes in Syria, saying it was targeting Islamic State militants.


Supporters of a no-fly zone in Syria have said it would help stem the flow of refugees and neutralize Assad’s warplanes and helicopters.

Scott Olson