October dates set for Chinese president’s state visit to UK

“We are very pleased that President Xi will be visiting the United Nations as part of the (celebrations of the) 70th anniversary (since the founding of the bloc)”, Stephane Dujarric, spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, told a regular briefing.


Last week, Osborne set out the aim of making China the UK’s second largest trading partner by 2025, saying the United Kingdom must “raise its game” and increase exports to China to £30 billion each year.

Advancing to multilateral cooperation, Xi announced that China intends to establish a 10-year China-UN peace and development fund amounting to 1 billion dollars. “We are extremely pleased”.

“His speech has been very substantive and deeply influential to the whole world“.

Xi’s historic presence at the United Nations, with a series of proposals and initiatives, has demonstrated that China, as a responsible major country, is playing an increasingly important role on the global stage.

According to an online publication London South East, the leader of “superpower” China encouraged every nation to make a stand and let its voice be heard especially in world affairs, including the small and the poor.

When it comes to fighting climate change, China urges “developed countries to fulfill their historical responsibility”, reduce emissions, and help developing countries do their part, he said.

The move to support and promote South-South cooperation is hailed by Alexander Gusev, director of Russia’s Institute for Strategic Planning.

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday addressed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, billionaire investor Warren Buffett and other top American and Chinese business leaders, vowing that his country would work to remove barriers to foreign investment and improve intellectual property protections. With this, he is optimistic that worldwide relations will improve utmost cooperation and create a “community of common destiny for mankind”. Xi brought up the issue of Taiwan, which is likely to elect a new government in January, and Obama said he reiterated America’s “one-China policy based on the three joint communiques and the Taiwan Relations Act”.


Former Brazilian Ambassador to the United States Rubens Barbosa says the call sends a positive message to the whole world.

October dates set for Chinese president's state visit to UK